The NoFloods Mobile Barrier, has previous been analysed and tested by "
DEFRA/ENVIRONMENT AGENGY - as a part of their Flood and coastal defence R & D programme.

The full analysis can be found at the website of Environment Agency and will give and in debt analysis of the various approach to flood protection.
The Mobile Barrier was described as a part of the water and air filled barriers. Since the report was made, two new generations of the mobile
barriers has been invented.
Today the solutions is even stronger, requires less manpower to deploy and is lighter - which in overall easy the process of deployment.

A selection of the analysis state:
"Air and water filled tubes are generally suitable for long lengths of protection close to a water source. They are not ideal for filling small gaps.
They are susceptible to tears and punctures, which can usually be repaired during service (if on the external tube).

. Low bearing pressure on the bedding surface.
. Very versatile - can be used for many other emergency or operational
. Quick and easy to install.
. Small storage space required.
. Installation only requires people and mobile pumps.
. Tears can usually be repaired in service.
. Flexible enough to accommodate minor uneven terrain.
. Easily cleaned and reusable.
Please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to send you the full report.
Also contact can be made to Environment Agency.


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